Rabbit comforter for puppies with handle


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When the puppy arrives in the new home, it undergoes significant stress related to sudden loneliness and separation from mother and siblings. This traumatic stage must imperatively be correctly apprehended in order to avoid behavioral and learning disorders.

Thus, it is strongly recommended to provide a puppy comforter in order to:

help chewing teething.
reduce stress.
avoid boredom and destructive behavior.
Made with sound and a crunchy fabric, the  Hare Junior with handle from the Trixie brand combines resistance and softness for great performance.
Hare Junior soft toy with handle for puppies
Made of super soft polyester plush
Emits a sound to encourage your pet to use the accessory
Strongly recommended when adopting
Avoid boredom and destructive behavior
Helps with tooth wear
Significantly reduces the risk of stress
Color: BLUE and PINK


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