Junior dog toy with sound


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When arriving in the new environment, your puppy can undergo many inconveniences such as anxiety that will generate:

undesirable behaviors (destruction,  or untimely barking).
moments of depression.
A learning disorder.
In order to counter these phenomena, it is therefore advisable to provide many accessories such as the  for puppy helping to reduce the stress caused by sudden loneliness.

Understanding strings and a sound effect, the junior dog comforter with sound from the Trixie brand is generously soft and very sweet.
Junior dog blank with sound for puppy
In a very soft polyester plush
Emits sound to encourage your animal to use the accessory
Has strings helping the mouth and hand
Helps to appease stress of separation
Strongly advised during adoption
Avoids boredom and destructive behavior
Teeth wear assistance
Considerably decreases the risk of stress
Grey color


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