Junior Crunchy Branch Puppy Toy


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Needing to chew during the entire teething period, it is highly recommended to provide a specially made chew toy for puppies to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Indeed, the chew toy provides:

relief from teething pain.
an accessory in natural material without risk for the health of your animal.
an object suitable for biting.
Giving a crunchy effect to entertain your young four-legged friend, the Junior Crunchy Branch Puppy Toy from the German brand Trixie is made from a 100% natural rubber material.

Junior Crunchy Branch Puppy Toy
Made of natural rubber
Natural material without risk of intoxication or allergy
Effectively relieves dental pain
Has a crunchy effect to encourage your pet to chew
High resistance for long-lasting use
Avoid destruction of furniture
Sold individually
Color according to arrival
2 colors available: BLUE or YELLOW


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