Junior Cooling Bone for Puppy


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For about 7 months, the teething of the puppy causes:

incessant chewing.
bleeding gums.
an increase in aggression.
In order to counteract the pangs of teething, it is recommended to provide a special refreshing puppy chew toy for your young companion in order to:

soothe the pain of teething by the action of cold.
to bring relief to the gums by the cold water coming out of the pores.
to guarantee the inopportune biting necessary for the growth of the teeth.
Including openings to fill with water, the Junior Refreshing Bone Puppy Toy from the German brand Trixie is to be placed in the freezer in order to soften pain and avoid the adverse effects of chronic pain.

Junior Refreshing Bone Puppy Toy
Made of natural rubber
Natural material without risk of intoxication or allergy
Effectively relieves dental pain by the action of cold
Features pores that spill water with every bite
Place in the freezer
High resistance for long-lasting use
Avoid destruction of furniture
Sold individually
Color according to arrival
2 colors available: BLUE or YELLOW


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