Cuddly toy for puppies and dogs


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The plush toy or cuddly toy for dogs is an accessory that is increasingly used because of its great effectiveness in reducing stress and anxiety in canines, especially during periods of loneliness at night and during your outings.

Indeed, the plush provides an anti-stress effect:

thanks to the capture of odors (extremely important olfactory sense in dogs, especially to regulate anxiety).
via a soft and reassuring texture (contact having a soothing effect).
thanks to an accessory resistant to biting and unwinding.
With a crunchy fabric that stimulates play in your four-legged friend, the German brand Trixie Soft Toy for puppies and dogs is ideal for satisfying your pet.
Cuddly toy for puppies and dogs
Made of polyester material
Guaranteed solidity
great softness
Features a cute fabric to attract your pet’s curiosity
Encourages biting
Helps tooth wear
Avoid boredom and destructive behavior
Significantly reduces the risk of stress related to loneliness


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