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GOOD NEWS FOR Business People, Engineers, Project Managers, Students ... In fact ANYONE Who Has To Write Reports But Can't Get Started ...

At last! A surefire proven writing system that slashes the time you
spend writing reports - 100% guaranteed results or you pay nothing


Discover the report writing system taught to over 2,500 business people, engineers and project managers over the past 17 years. These cutting edge techniques get you writing professional reports within minutes no matter what your skill level or what type of business you're in. Get maximum impact for your reports quickly, easily, and without any fuss!


Your writing tips and techniques have saved me over a thousand hours, and made me many thousands of dollars!

Daryl, I completed your Practical Report Writing workshop four years ago, and I’m still using the things you taught me on a daily basis.

Over the last 4 years I estimate your writing tips and techniques have saved me over a thousand hours, and made me many thousands of dollars.

Where previously I would have struggled to structure a document, now I have a simple system that works for any sort of report I have to write (and there are plenty of them!).

Your course is better than anything I learned at University during my Bachelor of Business degree. I really wish I'd had this information during my studies.

Nancy Cameron, Consultant, Brisbane Australia

From Dr Daryl Grant - Speaker and Management Consultant
Brisbane, Australia

Dear Friend,

If you want to learn how to write reports that are clear, well organized, and that get the attention and praise of your peers ... then this could be the most important message you've read all year.

And the good news is - your job has just become a lot easier. You'll soon discover how to write reports that are entertaining and informative ... reports that are professionally presented, concise, and a pleasure to read.

And you won't be sweating bullets about finishing the report as the deadline approaches. No. You'll soon see the ability to quickly and easily write reports is a skill that can be learned. All you need is a simple formula to follow ... a roadmap that'll keep you on track while side-stepping the pitfalls.

And now it's never been easier. Here's how...

My name is Dr Daryl Grant ... and for the past 17 years I've been teaching the secrets of my Practical Report Writing System to more than 2,500 business people, engineers and project managers across Australia and around the world. People just like you whose job requires them to write the business reports within their organizations.

Let me ask you...

  • Do you often procrastinate, putting off writing reports because “it’s just too hard”?
  • Do you have difficulty finding the right words to make your reports clear and easy to understand?
  • Do you often wonder if there is a better way to structure your reports to give them more impact?
  • Do you feel that your reports are so complex that no one but you is even going to understand them, let alone act on them?
  • Do you worry that your poor grammar may make your reports look unprofessional?
  • Do you often sit staring at a blank computer screen wondering where to start?

Chances are, if you're anything like my students you would have answered "yes" to many of the questions above.

And it's not your fault. You see, the trouble is, you never get taught how to write a report that is clear and concise, that gets the results that are intended. And without the proper training, the end result is often confusing at best, and sometimes downright embarrassing. And every one of my students has faced the same frustrations as you - because they were never taught a structured, logical process to make report writing easy.

I'm constantly amazed when I go into organizations to train managers and staff in report writing, at the number of reports I see that are:

  • lengthy and complex - they are hard to read, hard to understand, and seldom get implemented
  • full of grammatical errors - they look unprofessional and they are hard to follow
  • poorly laid out - they are confusing and sometimes down-right dangerous
  • just plain boring.

And people tell me things like :

  • "I dread writing reports. I just don't know where to start."
  • "Report writing takes me so long to do."
  • "I want my reports to be clearer, more logical, and easier to read and understand. But I wasn't taught how to do that at university."
  • "I'm never sure if my reports are good enough - will the boss like it?"
  • "My reports are so technical. I'm worried that no one will understand them - that is if they even read them."
  • "I write procedures for people to follow. Often there are safety issues. How can I be sure that my procedures are clear and accurate, so people use them and no one gets hurt?"
  • "Is there an 'accepted' way to write this report? Will I look stupid if I don't follow the norm?"
  • "How do I make my reports look more professional?"
  • "English is my second language. I want to be more confident that my reports are well written and easy to understand."

What does surprise people is that these problems are actually quick and easy to overcome.

Here's what writing over 1,700 reports, and teaching over 2,500 people has taught me about writing powerful reports:

All you have to do is apply a proven, structured, step-by-step process, and follow a few simple rules. That's it. There's nothing mysterious about it. Just follow the formula and you can easily produce powerful documents time after time. Documents which get read, get action and get you the results you want. It really is this simple.

I got the job!

I’ve never liked writing reports. Now that I am State Manager for a large not-for-profit, a major part of my job is writing reports or editing reports written by others.

The report writing techniques you taught me now make it so much easier and quicker. In fact your report writing course was one of the things that gave me the confidence and the skills to apply for (and win!) this executive position.

Your help in preparing DRUGARM ’s policies and procedures manual was outstanding. We now have a user friendly document, rather than one that just sits on the shelf gathering dust. And we now have consistent procedures across all our State offices—something I thought would be impossible. Thank you!

Krishna Heffernan, Queensland State Manager, DRUGARM Australasia

Here's your ticket to a quantum leap in the quality of your report writing.

The Practical Report Writing System

This exclusive and powerful system is packed with ingenious, proven and practical techniques. In the system, you get:


A step-by-step, logical process that makes report writing a breeze. Never again will you sit in front of a blank screen wondering where to start.
A simple set of rules to make your writing clearer and easier to understand. You'll be amazed at how much more impact your reports will have.
Tips on report structure and layout, so your reports look professional and are easier to navigate.
Examples of good and bad writing, so you can see exactly how to apply the system to real reports.
Tips on how to present your report to an audience, either face to face or in written form, for maximum impact.

This system makes it super-easy to understand some of the most powerful techniques available for writing compelling reports. The information it contains has been adapted from my highly successful Practical Report Writing Workshop, which is especially written for business people, engineers and project managers.

I've taken all of the best information in that workshop—which has been honed and refined over the past 17 years—and packed it into an easy-to-use, step-by-step,
self-paced report writing course

The manual is packed with examples of good and bad writing, exercises (and suggested answers), hot tips, short cuts, and of course the practical, step-by-step writing process.

But that's not all.


Here is your Free Bonus
for ordering today…




The Report Template Kit contains everything you need to begin writing professional, compelling reports from day one.

Valued at $197, you get the Report Template Kit FREE when you order the Practical Report Writing System.

This valuable kit has many report templates in MS Word. You will find a template for almost any type of report you need to write. And the list is being added to all the time. You can go back time and again to this valuable, FREE resource. You'll get templates to help you
write a:

  • business plan
  • project report
  • training manual
  • meeting agenda
  • memorandum of understanding
  • position description
  • work instruction

All the templates are tried and tested over many years. All of them will give your reports that professional edge. And as I said, the list is being added to all the time.

Using the templates will mean that you can:

Immediately improve the look of your documents, with professional formatting and layout.
Quickly set up a document structure that makes your information clear and easy to follow, and leads the reader to agree with your recommendations or conclusions.
Have a starting point, so you can begin writing immediately, rather than procrastinating or putting the job off because it’s “too hard” or “too tedious”.
Impress your boss, your co-workers and your clients with your increased productivity and professionalism.

Now you may be asking yourself,
"How does this person know so much?"

Good question....

The truth is, I “practice what I preach”. I am a management consultant, and spend many hours each week writing reports for my clients.

I've written 1,743 reports for ...

* Government agencies * Hospitals * Medical centres
* Sofware companies * Engineering firms * Lawyers
* Accountants * Manufacturers * Non-for-profits
* Venture capitalists * Universities * Biotech companies...

and many more!

I’ve prepared business plans, project reports, policies and procedures manuals, funding submissions, project proposals and business cases.

I’ve delivered my Practical Report Writing System workshop to 2,514 people. I’ve also taught Written Communications subjects to MBA students.

You help us see our Vision more clearly…

Daryl, this letter is to say a huge “thank you” from the management, staff and board here at Gallang Place.

Over the years that we have worked together, putting together business plans, the policies and procedures manual, and numerous funding submissions, you’ve always been focused, committed and professional.

You’ve been part of helping our organization grow to what it is today—a thriving, successful Indigenous counselling service.

Whenever we work together it’s as if you take away the clouds and help us see more clearly. The proposal writing techniques you have taught us have helped us win hundreds of thousands dollars in government grants.

Thank you for giving us your time.

Noeleen Porter, Manager, Gallang Place


What this means is that you’re getting the benefit of my years of practical experience. I have fine-tuned my formulas every step of the way, until I’ve built up a wealth of techniques and strategies which can now improve report writing for virtually any business.

In fact, I guarantee it.

The 100% No-Risk-To-You Guarantee

I personally guarantee that you will be absolutely delighted with my Practical Report Writing System.

In fact, I invite you to use this program and put all the risk entirely on me. If at any time in the next 56 days you feel that it falls short in delivering everything I have promised in this letter, just let me know and I'll be happy to give you a full refund, no questions asked.

In fact, if for any reason you're not 100% satisfied, I want you to demand your money back.

You can even keep the entire Practical Report Writing System valued at $506 as my way of thanking you for looking over the material.


Now, if you're getting excited about the idea of being able to write powerful reports quickly and easily, but are worried you won't be able to afford your own copy of my Practical Report Writing System, let me put your mind at ease right now...

Because of my background and experience, I can easily sell this information for over $200.00. In fact, I charge $225 per person to attend my one day Practical Report Writing workshop.

But I love giving people really great value and am not doing this only for the money. So, I am selling my entirely unique, immediately usable, and extremely simple yet powerful Practical Report Writing System for only $94. And let’s face it, the benefits from just one or two of the principles in my system will save you hundreds of hours and possibly thousands of dollars.

Urgent: Time-Sensitive Discount!

During the price-testing phase of my offer, I would like your permission to offer you a special discount off my System if you order now! You can save $57 immediately off the original price of $94.00 and

download my System right now for
only $37!

A variety of other credit cards is also accepted.

Please note: this special discount is only being offered during my testing phase, and is closely monitored on a daily basis. It can be changed at any time. However, I will honor the discount pricing on all orders that I receive in the next 24 hours.

And the best part is, you can have it within minutes from now because it is available for instant download!


In fact, let me make it very simple for you to take advantage of this information right now. I'm going to give you two more FREE gifts along with the system and the Template Kit, making this entire offer valued at over $500.

Order now and you will also receive:


  • 10 tips for writing effectively. Put this handy two-page guide up next to your computer, and you'll never be stuck on your report writing again.


  • How to double your reading speed in under 10 minutes. I know how much reading most professional people have to do. I've taught speed reading techniques to thousands of professionals since 1983. This guide will halve the time you currently spend wading through all that reading.


Let’s look at what you’re getting:

Here's what you get...
Separate purchase
Practical Report Writing System
Free Gift #1: Report Template Kit
Free Gift #2: 10 tips for writing effectively
Free Gift #3: How to double your reading speed in under 10 minutes
Total value
Your price
Total package savings



Instant Access!

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Note: You are ordering a downloadable product (Adobe PDF), which means you will be able to start using the System within minutes of placing your order!

I wish you the very best.

Daryl Grant PhD

P.S. Don't forget, I'm taking all the risk... If after trying my System you don't begin producing powerful reports quickly and easily, I'll refund every penny. What have you got to lose? Try it now!

And remember, you'll be able to download the system immediately. Five minutes from now, you'll be on your way to hassle-free report writing!

P.P.S. Don't forget the "Limited Time Special" price of $37 can be guaranteed for the next 24 hours only. After that it could be increased back to the normal price at any time.


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